MAGDRL: Howl-O-Ween Barkin' Bash  October 29, 2005  




Web page created on October 29, 2005



  It was chilly, cloudy day, nevertheless MAGDRL was there!  This event was held at Quiet Waters Dog Park in Annapolis and was organized by Friends of Quiet Waters Park and Humane Society of the US to benefit the pet victims of hurricane Katrina. MAGDRL volunteers set up a table and entertained visitors, dogs, and kids all day!

Our Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelblute brought out her Dane Jack to WOW the crowds!  Here's Jack (red) with my Dane boy Jupiter (brown) and Dane girl Merlot. (blue) who attracted visitors of all kinds.

This was a very nice event with costume, Frisbee Catch, Spoon Run, Treat Catch, and Musical Chairs contests. Most of the canine visitors were in funny costumes -- which the people thoroughly enjoyed and the dogs tolerated.


Jen LeFever and her mom Mary Ann LeFever brought Jen's pretty Dane girl Athena who wore the donation jacket for the day. Here Athena greets a Briard in a baby costume, complete with diaper and pacifier! 

The Briard's owners took several brochures and said they were interested in adopting a companion for their dog. They've always liked Danes, and our Ambassadors worked their magic!  They will give us a call to start the adoption process!

    Athena is a beautiful 18 month old Fawn Dane girl who is finally beginning to grow out of the puppy stages -- her mom is very happy about that! Jen looks forward to the day when Athena is laid-back, calm and becomes a typical Great Dane Princess.

The donation jacket did dual-duty today -- it kept Athena warm while helping to bring in donations for MAGDRL orphans. Thanks, Athena!