MAGDRL at Annapolis SPCA Walk for Animals

On May 19, 2002, volunteers represented MAGDRL at the Anne Arundel County SPCA's annual Walk for Animals. The day was beautiful and the turnout was great!
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MAGDRL Volunteer



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May 19, 2002

MAGDRL volunteer Christina Kallay with Fenway, her mom Rose with Duncan, her dad with Moiya, and husband Gary with Isis.  Boy, they're a family of Daniacs!

Volunteer Heather Tawney husband Jason with Cooper on his shoulders.

Handsome Fenway dwarfs his roommate Isis (behind him.)

Gary Kallay with Mantle-marked Merle Isis.

Jupiter and JD relaxing while visitors ambled by.

I think we broke even, but with so many rescues at this event, the competition for donations was tough. Nevertheless, it was a fun day for the Danes.