MAGDRL: Annapolis PetSmart   November 19. 2005   

    PetSmart was busy despite the fact that it was a beautifully sunny November day. We had a steady stream of visitors who were interested in our Danes.
Annapolis Meet & Greet Coordinator Joan Schramm set us up next to several cat rescues, but none of our Danes minded at all. At left, Joan is amused by her Dane girl Ethel who stuck her head in Joan's lap in protest. Our Danes were playing "musical beds", and my Dane boy  Jupiter is sitting on Ethel's bed. Ethel finally stuck her head under Jupiter's rear, ousted him from her bed, then plopped right down!

That's me in the middle with my Dane girl Merlot who did a yeoman's job of collecting donations for our orphans. Her Thankful Paws donation jacket was stuffed full all day.  


Greyhound Rescue set up in the rear of the store, but we also had visitors that were miniature versions of the breed. Here one of these little tykes plays with our Great Danes -- and it was not at all afraid of their size.

We spent the day answering questions about Great Danes. Folk asked us whether all Danes were as calm as our M&G dogs, how much they eat, how long they live, whether they get along with other dogs, cats, kids....  We answered that just like any other breed, it depends on the individual dog, its genetics, its socialization and training, its health.... but in general, they're the best breed on the planet!


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