MAGDRL: PetSmart Annapolis     October 21, 2006



What a beautiful fall day to be at a MAGDRL event! Our Annapolis team was positioned right by PetSmart's front door, and we had a bumper crop of volunteers and visitors!

  At left is Annapolis Meet & Greet Coordinator/Publicity Coordinator Joan Schramm holding my girl Savannah and my boy Jupiter. Joan is a real trooper -- her husband Michael usually does the heavy lifting, but he was recently injured in an auto accident. Nevertheless Joan came out early, set up our table, and offered free hands to hold our Danes. Thanks for ALL you do, Joan!

Seated behind Joan is MAGDRL Webmaster/Statistics Director Christina Kallay and her Dane puppy Falkor. We were also delighted to have a visit from MD Intake Coordinator Eileen Edelblute (center) and her Dane boy Jack, plus Eileen's mom Marlene Edelblute (right.) It was great to see everyone!


        At age 7 months, Dane puppy Savannah joined the ranks of our MAGDRL donation dogs. She's modeling a Thankful Paws donation jacket that helps MAGDRL raise funds to care for Great Dane orphans. Even though she's still a baby, she wears an adult-sized jacket. Obviously we will have to order an XXL when she reaches full size!

Although Savannah is well trained in obedience, she's nevertheless a silly Dane puppy who feels entitled to greet and smell everything she encounters. All day long we had to keep her away from other playful dogs -- no wrestling matches in PetSmart, thank you!

    Our favorite volunteers Lois and John Steinfort brought out their beautiful 10 year old Dane girl Gracie to charm the crowds. John said Lois is baking dog biscuits by the dozen, and he and his coworkers enjoy eating them! We also heard that Gracie insisted on fixing lunch for all -- our compliments to the chef!

New MAGDRL volunteer Emily Gilbert and husband Nick and their 1 year old Dane boy Hamlet came out to support this event. Thanks for coming out Emily!

We obviously got a little silly toward the end of a long day. At left, Christina displays 2 year old Falkor's lips in all their glory! Whenever we're asked if Danes drool, we say yes and no. Some Danes drool very little, while others with big lips like Falkor spew copious amounts of string. What a handsome Dane puppy, and what BIG LIPS he has!

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