MAGDRL  Annapolis PetSmart    August 20, 2005

Web page created on August 20, 2005


  It seemed like Maryland Cat Adoption Day at Annapolis PetSmart! There must have been 20 tables of cats in cages and in carriers, so lucky for us that on that day all our Danes were cat friendly! Nevertheless we drew attention from our curbside signs and being the only dog rescue for most of the day.


Annapolis Meet & Greet Coordinator Joan Schramm set us up in a prime spot near the PetSmart entrance.  Jupiter, Merlot and I were out of traffic but on the main aisle. Nevertheless Merlot managed to flirt with canine and human passersby, and she did a yeoman's job of educating the public about how sweet these Gentle Giants are.  

Being the only dog rescue in a crowd of cats does have its advantages. We had a slew of potential adopters and fosters!



As usual, Miss Merlot was the center of attention -- as any Dane Princess should be! She will be 4 years old in September, but because of her small size most folks think she's still a puppy. Merlot and Jupiter have been through 'Canine College' obedience classes. Both respond to hand signals to the delight of our visitors. 

 If we can overcome her dependence on her Dane Mom, we will test for her AKC Canine Good Citizen award at our MAGDRL Parade of Paws on Saturday, October 15, 2005 at Kinder Farm Park in Pasadena, MD. Wish her luck!

    MAGDRL volunteer Andy Francis left his Dane boy Licorice at home today but brought out his pretty Dane girl Maddie. Like the infamous Gettysburg 8, Maddie is a Stormdancer Dane from a Pennsylvania breeder.  This Dane came into rescue skin-and-bones and afraid of her own shadow. With 1-1/2 years of good food, gentle hands, and abundant hugs, Andy said she's finally beginning to blossom.

It's a real shame how many Stormdancer Danes have ended up in rescue. Fortunately for them, MAGDRL was there to help.