MAGDRL: PetSmart Annapolis  August 19, 2006



Web page created on August 19, 2006

  The dog days of summer hit Annapolis on August 19th. It was hot and muggy with thunderstorms threatening, nevertheless we held our monthly M&G at this PetSmart.

Annapolis M&G Coordinator Joan Schramm came out without her Dane-kids. She spent the previous night at our MD MAGDRL Bull Roast and Silent Auction fundraiser, nevertheless she brought our table and M&G set up. Apparently local Annapolitans stayed home in the AC rather than deal with the dog days of summer. It was a long, slow day.....

Thank goodness Joan had free hands to help handle three of my four Danes! At left is Merlot in the Thankful Paws donation jacket. This was her first outing since she bloated on July 24, 2006.


Ahhhh.... Great Dane puppies. Now I understand why owners dump them into rescue starting at age 6 MO. They're exhausting -- full of energy, annoying, and ignorant of personal space or possessions. Here 5 MO Savannah backed up and sat down atop 6 YO Jupiter who is so tolerant of this puppy that he doesn't even flinch. At home, Savannah bites Jupiter's elbows and heels, jumps on his back, steals his toys and eats his dinner. He never snaps, never complains. He just accepts her being a silly puppy.

Savannah was on WUSA-TV PetLine 9 representing MAGDRL at 7:45 this morning; she was at this M&G from 11 to 3 pm; then she went to Puppy Kindergarten and Playgroup until 6:30 pm. By the end of this busy day, she could hardly keep her eyes open. Everyone in the household appreciated the quiet!