MAGDRL: PetSmart Annapolis     July 15, 2006




  It was a slow day at the Annapolis PetSmart. Nevertheless this sultry summer day ended up being a perfect day to introduce "Sultry Savannah" to the MAGDRL M&G circuit!  Plus it was nice to see volunteers we don't often see in Annapolis!

    Seated at the table is Annapolis M&G Coordinator Joan Schramm. Her husband Michael came out early to set us up, and brought Ethel just long enough to warm Jupiter's (at left) bed for him! 

We were delighted to have MAGDRL volunteer Lakschme Someswaran and her Dane Rusty at this event!  Like my Jupiter, Rusty earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate plus his Therapy Dog International certification. Lakschme is even taking him to a canine dance class! 

Rusty is a handsome boy who WOW'd visitors and kept them in the store admiring him!


Were delighted to have a visit from Lois Steinfort and "Chad the Dane!" Lois's husband John sent us sustenance --- sandwiches and chips!  Gosh, we just LUV Lois and John and their Danes!!!!

Having just completed her immunization series at 4 months old, today was my Dane girl "Sultry Savannah's" Meet & Greet debut. We'd taken her out to dogless parties and she's had play dates with safe dogs. As a result of this early socialization, Savannah earned her Junior MAGDRL Great Dane Ambassador credentials by greeting children, dogs, cats, ferrets and birds without even flinching!

At right, Savannah allowed herself to be adored by a physically challenged friend-of-MAGDRL who comes out to all our events at this store. He thought she was adorable --- and she thought he was right!



MAGDRL volunteer, BOD member and Webmaster Christina Kallay came out to pick up a donation from our fantastic Waldorf Meet & Greet volunteers Pat and Fred Wilhelme. They donated  a lovely item for our MD MAGDRL Bull Roast fundraiser scheduled on August 18, 2006.

Christina had a chance to meet Savannah for the first time, and she came out with empty hands. Of course we enlisted her help to hold our Danes for us! Here she holds my girl Merlot (in the Thankful Paws donation jacket) and my baby girl Savannah. Thanks Christina!


This is what happens to a 4 month old Great Dane puppy who normally sleeps for 22 hours a day. She spent a full day at a MAGDRL event, and around midday she simply keeled over and fell asleep! Savannah was so exhausted after the first few hours that all you could see were those big paws sticking out from under our MAGDRL sign! 

A tired Dane puppy owner is a happy Dane puppy owner!

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