MAGDRL: PetSmart Annapolis   June 18, 2005

Web page created on June 18, 2005

      We held our monthly Meet & Greet at the Annapolis PetSmart. Although the pleasant weather kept the crowds down, we had potential adopters, applicants who were in progress, and visitors who were thrilled at seeing such giant, yet calm dogs.  


Annapolis Meet & Greet Coordinator Joan Schramm (left) grabbed a front-door position which is prime real estate for these events. Despite competition from at least 6 other rescues inside the store and an SPCA van outside the door, we attracted our fair share of attention. That's me on the right with my Danes Jupiter and Merlot, and MAGDRL volunteer Kimberly Hardesty stopped by despite having a broken foot! What a trooper!!!!


It's all about Ethel!!! Here Joan's Dane girl strikes her usual pose which seems to charm visitors, especially those with hyper pups. Great Danes are known to be calm dogs as adults, but Ethel's habit of lounging in the middle of a busy store takes it to a whole new level! 

Although Ethel takes a minute to warm up to big dogs, she just adores the little tykes. Here she greets a sweet little Jack Russell Terrier who stopped by for a visit. Ethel is also known for being surrounded by kids, then reaching out to them as they walk away as if to say, "don't stop petting me!" What a sweetheart she is!