MAGDRL: PetSmart Annapolis     June 17, 2006







We had a beautiful, warm sunny day in Annapolis, MD.  We shared the store with three other rescues, and we had a slow but steady flow of visitors. Our roadside signs brought in many people who wanted to get information about Great Danes.

At left, our Annapolis Meet & Greet Coordinator Joan Schramm brought out her Dane girl Ethel to delight visitors. Her boy Napoleon stayed at home to hold down the couch.

The visitor on the right fosters for a cat rescue, and she is interested in fostering a Dane for MAGDRL. She spent time asking about feeding, health, training, and other aspects of Dane stewardship. We were glad to give her brochures that she could take home and read at her leisure.



Joan's husband Michael came out to help bring in the table and handle dogs while we got set up. Thanks for the help, Michael!

At right, Joan stands with my Dane-kids Merlot and Jupiter who wore patriotic Party Collars for today's event. These accent collars were purchased from an eBay seller who also works with Greyhound rescue in Rhode Island. What a small world of rescue!

Today there was a cat rescue, an all-breed rescue, and our friends from Greyhound Rescue in the store with us. Occasionally we've had unpleasant experiences sharing store space with other rescues, but it's nice to be out with groups who realize we're all there to help animals.

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