MAGDRL: Annapolis PetSmart  April 30, 2005
Our second event at the Annapolis PetSmart was filled with puppies and kids. This Saturday was PetSmart's Adoption Days event, and MAGDRL was there with a dozen other rescues. Nevertheless, it was a great day for attracting potential adopters!
Western Maryland Meet & Greet Co-Coordinator Lori Mooradian and her husband Greg came out with their Dane boy Bentley (above) and Dane girl Blue. We're often asked if Danes get along with other dogs -- but of course! If they're socialized with a variety of animals early in life, they can get along well with dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets.....


Here's Greg Mooradian with his big Dane boy Bentley who allows himself to be adored by visitors. On the right, my Dane girl Merlot greets a sweet little Bassett Hound puppy. Merlot is a very 'vocal' Dane who fusses and play-bows when she wants to play, but this little tyke was not intimidated at all!  Merlot likes all nice dogs and all nice people!
Annapolis Meet & Greet Coordinator Joan Schramm's husband came out to help. Joan brought her pretty Dane girl Ethel who enjoyed entertaining these three young visitors. These kids tried to walk away several times, but Ethel kept pawing them to come back and keep hugging her!
We are often asked how we handle dogs as big as Danes. We tell them it's just a matter of positive reinforcement training and having the right equipment. Here the boy on the right handles my Dane boy Jupiter (CGC/TDI) with ease. Merlot is a work-in-progress, but she's easily handled by any adult.


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