MAGDRL: PetSmart Annapolis     April 15, 2006







Web page created on April 15, 2006

  Whew! Summer temperatures brought the crowds out to the Annapolis PetSmart! We had a steady stream of visitors who were delighted to see Great Danes "up close and personal!"


MAGDRL volunteer Lois Steinfort (left) came fully stocked! She brought us lunch, drinks, and her Fawn boy "Chad-the-Dane" for all to enjoy!

In the center is Annapolis Meet & Greet Coordinator Joan Schramm. Her Dane girl Ethel is holding down the bed behind the table, coyly snagging passers-by to give her free hugs and pats. 

That's me on the right with my Dane boy Jupiter (on his bed.)  My girl Merlot wore the Thankful Paws donation jacket and got the "Happy Hinny" treatment from a visitor. Such a hussy!



That boy Jupiter! I always bring his bed, but he loves to climb onto everyone else's -- plus he keeps his butt on his own! At right, Lois brought Chad's bed and Jupiter promptly laid on it. He laid on Ethel's bed too! Funny, people often walk over to Jupiter and ask if he's tired. I tell them yes, these events interrupt his daily 22-hour nap!

This coming Friday, Jupiter is having surgery to remove a growth on his chest. A week beforehand, we started working with the Bite-Not collar to make sure he's comfortable with it on and can navigate easily. This will prevent him from licking his wound and chewing out his stitches.