MAGDRL: Annapolis PetSmart  March 19, 2005


This page was created on March 19, 2005

      Spring has Sprung!!!!!  It was a mild, sunny March day for Maryland volunteer Joan Schramm's first Meet & Greet.  In addition to MAGDRL, there was Greyhound Rescue, Cat Rescue, an all-breed rescue, plus a woman surreptitiously selling Lab puppies in this store. Nevertheless, our road signs pulled visitors in off the street and our center aisle position made our Danes the hit of the day!


The PetSmart manager placed us in the center aisle, but we quickly found out that we were in a Cat Rescue's spot. After spits and hisses, we stayed where we were -- and lucky for us!  It was the best spot in the store!

At left, Joan Schramm stepped up to take on this event on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Joan brought her Dane girl Ethel, and next to her is Lois Steinfort with her Dane girl Gracie. Next is me with Jupiter and Merlot. Kimberly Hardesty (right) brought out her sweet Dane puppy Maggie who just turned 1 year old!


Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator Eileen Edelblute (right) joined us in Annapolis to show how well her recently adopted Dane boy Jack was doing. Jack is in a 'Shy Dog Class' and has come an incredibly long way in a short time. Here are me and Eileen with our best friends -- Jupiter, Merlot, and Jack.

We were visited by MAGDRL Webmaster Christina Kallay and her husband Gary. Unfortunately they left their Dane puppy Falkor at home -- we would have loved to see this cutie pie!



Merlot has become an expert at plucking heartstrings! She usually wears our donation jacket, and on this day she did a yeoman's job of fundraising for our MAGDRL orphans. 

Here a child and her mom just walked up, kneeled down and placed money in Merlot's jacket. This little girl was disabled, and we explained to her mom that in general, if a Dane has lived successfully with a family, they can be great with children as long as the child respects their space. Our Dane Ambassadors are perfect examples of gentle giants.