MAGDRL: PetSmart Annapolis     March 18, 2006

Web page created on March 18, 2006

  We had a breezy, chilly spring day at Annapolis PetSmart but that didn't keep the crowds away!  Our crew was busy taking to visitors and handing out brochures all day!

Today's M&G crew included Lois Steinfort (left) with her husband John behind her, and their senior Black girl Gracie and their Fawn boy "Chad the Dane."

On the right are Annapolis M&G Coordinator Joan Schramm with her Black Dane boy Napoleon. On the left, that's my two Danes Jupiter and Merlot.


This is
 John Steinfort and his 9 year old Dane girl Gracie. She is an amazing fundraiser, chef, and royal taster. She arrived with a wad of bills, lunch, and doggie cookies -- what a Great Dane Ambassador!

John's wife Lois is doing our Dutch bulb fundraiser again this year. I can't wait to order some Heleniums for my garden!


Lois baked fresh dog cookies and everyone enjoyed them -- including John!  He said he likes the oven-baked dog cookies better than the microwave ones, especially when they're fresh from the oven.

Here Joan enjoys training her boy Napoleon with the treats. What a handsome boy!