MAGDRL: PetSmart Annapolis  March 17, 2007






Web page created on March 17, 2007

  We had "standing-room-only" Danes for our final event at the Annapolis PetSmart. New adopters plus those looking to adopt stopped by our table, plus we had a nice crowd of volunteers!

Annapolis PetSmart M&G & Publicity Coordinator Joan Schramm (l) set up our table in the front, but we were relocated to the back behind several other rescues.

Nevertheless we enjoyed the company of Moira Butler (c) and Lois Steinfort (r) with her Dane girl Grace and my boy Jupiter. As always, Lois' husband sent lunch for all the volunteers. Thanks John!.



New adopters Erin and Joe Kelly (l+r) just adopted 8 MO merle Dane boy Gulliver from Maryland MAGDRL. They brought him out with their 2 YO mantle boy Brody. What a lively pair of pups they are!

We also had a visit from Angie and Miles, a couple who adopted a 1 YO Katrina Dane "Delia."  They are applying to adopt a companion for her and were delighted that MAGDRL has fencing exception policies!


Lois and John Steinfort's sweet Great Dane girl Grace is almost 10 YO, yet she's still a stellar Great Dane Ambassador. She enjoys getting attention from humans large and small, and dogs of all sizes.

Here Miss Gracie greets a visitor that comes out to our events at this PetSmart every month. Since he's wheelchair-bound, he just loves big dogs who are at his level.

  Long-time volunteers Rick and Moira Butler stopped by to say "Hi." Their sweet Dane girl Annabelle is now 5 YO and has a new Schnauzer roommate.   We were all delighted to see Joan's husband Michael Garcia who is recovering from a near-fatal auto accident. Jupiter sure enjoyed Michael's lap!   Our girl Savannah celebrated her 1st birthday with her friend Rick Butler. She's still "all puppy" so I couldn't quite talk Rick into taking her home for a year or so. Drat!