MAGDRL: Annapolis PetSmart   January 21, 2006





Web site created on January 21, 2006.

  We can't believe it's January!!! The temperature was 60 degrees and it seemed like everyone in Annapolis came out to PetSmart! We had crowds all day, plus some great volunteers came out to help.

What a nice photo of two handsome Dane boys Jupiter (left) and Jack (right), both of whom were adopted from MAGDRL. They're with Maryland Meet & Greet Coordinator/MAGDRL Vice President Eileen Edelblute!

We should call Eileen's boy Jackson "Lucky Jack" because he bloated last weekend, yet he was at PetSmart this weekend.  Eileen's quick action, a dash to the emergency room, and tubing to relieve the gas saved his life.

Jupiter is 5-1/2 years old, Jack is almost 7 years old -- the highest percentage of Danes that bloat are 7 year old males.

    Here are my furkids Jupiter (left) and Merlot (right in the Thankful Paws donation jacket.) They are with their "Auntie", MAGDRL volunteer Pat Wilhelme. Pat came out with her husband Fred and their Dane boy Patriot.

Pat and Fred adopted Patriot from New England Great Dane Rescue last year. He had been kept outside in the bitter New England winters, was untrained and unsocialized. They've worked wonders with him, but they continue to deal with his health issues.  We wish their sweet Dane boy well!



What a treat! Long-time MAGDRL volunteers John and Lois Steinfort brought out two of their Danes to WOW the crowds.  John (left) has their 9 year old Dane girl Gracie who's been at several MAGDRL events through the years. She's a sweetheart who always welcomes a hug and a treat!

Lois (right) is holding "Chad The Dane" who made his Meet & Greet debut today. Chad is a 5 year old male, and although this was his first MAGDRL outing, he was wonderful with other dogs, kids, strangers -- a true Dane Ambassador! We hope to see him out more often.