MAGDRL:  Annapolis PetCo  July 3, 2004




This page was created on July 3, 2004

We had our second outing at the PetCo in Annapolis coordinated by MAGDRL volunteer Moira Butler.  Moira stepped up to take over events at this store, and they've been a resounding success!

(L-R) Volunteer Kim Hardesty brought out her pretty 15 week old Dane puppy Maggie. Here little Maggie meets two visiting Poodles as Moira Butler discusses Great Danes with their owner. Moira is holding my Dane girl Merlot who really "worked" that donation jacket. In the background, Kim's fiancÚ Clay Edwards manned the information table and kept Dane boy Jupiter (far right) company.

  Kim's smart to bring Maggie out early and often so she can experience the world. Now is the best time to socialize her with all types of people, dogs, and animals. Here Maggie nudges Merlot to get her to play with her, and Merlot doesn't mind. Later Maggie backed up to Jupiter to take a nap. These are wonderful experiences for her and will ensure that she will feel confident wherever Kim takes her as she grows up!