MAGDRL:  Alexandria, VA PetSmart  March 6, 2004
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This page was created on March 6, 2004

It was a hectic day at the Alexandria PetSmart! Lori Gray's signs brought folks in from the main street and we had crowds surrounding us all day! At least two other rescues were in this store, but we were right by the door and had non-stop visitors. Thankfully we also had a bumper crop of volunteers!

Jeff Willis discusses Danes with Dane boy Sampson and Lissa's Dane girl Merlot. Jeff and his wife Laura just adopted Moose (formerly Patches) and they also have a cute little Chinese Crested named Fu. At right, Susan Hughes's Dane girl Athena watches the action, and behind them Meg Graine and Merlin entertain visitors.

Meg Graine
discusses the Great Dane breed with young visitors while her boy Merlin enjoys the attention. Behind her, a visitor enjoys meeting Lissa's Dane boy Jupiter. Throughout the day we had visits from adoption applicants, potential volunteers, and people who had never seen Danes up close.

Jupiter's best friend in doggie playgroup is Noah, a miniature
Dachshund, but Jupiter has never seen a dog as small as this Chihuahua puppy. He wasn't sure what it was! Too cute, huh?