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is the theme song from the play, The Lion King.  It means, "No worries for the rest of your days." We adopted our senior Great Dane girl "" at age 6 years old on July 8, 2004. True to her name, she left her worries behind her.


had a good life as a beloved family pet. When her family fell on hard times, the New Jersey chapter of Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League took her in.

was a gorgeous Mantle (or "Boston") Great Dane. She was easy-going and sweet girl, and immediately got along with Joya, Jupiter, and Merlot. She was the senior canine member of our household, and at 170 lbs, she was also the largest. 

When we adopted her, had weakness in her rear that was diagnosed as arthritis. After several months on holistic supplements, acupuncture moderate exercise, and a healthy raw diet, her mobility improved.

bullet See Kuna with her foster Mom Karen Sasway on July 8, 2004, her last day in foster care.
bullet Kuna came into rescue overweight, but thanks to her foster mom and our efforts, she has slimmed down. See our beauty two weeks after adoption on July 24, 2004.
bullet On September 7, 2004 our Kuna girl has been with us for two months. Look at her now!
bullet Kuna went with her Dane mom to a MAGDRL Meeting on September 12, 2004.
bullet Miss Kuna took a Glamour Shot on November 6, 2004.
bullet See Miss Kuna getting acupressure with our Holistic practitioner on November 11, 2004.
bullet Kuna wishes everyone a Happy HoliDanes 2004! She and her fur family send their wishes to you!







At Catonsville Meet & Greet January 15, 2005Six months after her adoption, Kuna made her MAGDRL Meet & Greet Debut on January 15, 2005!
On November 5, 2005 Kuna
was our senior Great Dane Ambassador at the Hammond Harwood House Museum in Annapolis, MD.
Happy HoliDanes
Kuna and crew!
At age 7-1/2 years old, Kuna was MAGDRL's poster-girl for senior Dane adoption.
bullet "Mama Kuna" welcomed our new baby Savannah on May 13, 2006.
bullet See Mamma Kuna at 8 years old and our little girl Savannah at 8 weeks old on May 17, 2006.
bullet Kuna and her roommates are showcased in their "4-Pack" photo series.
bullet Happy HoliDanes 2006 from Kuna and the gang!

Kuna age 8-1/2 on December 12, 2006

At almost 9 years old, Kuna began failing in January 2007. Diagnostic tests were inconclusive until she had an ultrasound on February 6, 2007. That day we got the devastating news that she had advanced cancer in multiple organs.

On February 23, 2007, Kuna ate pizza and cookies. We cuddled together all morning. That afternoon, I hugged our sweet girl Kuna as she went to Rainbow Bridge. She sleeps with the angels now.

ut if you you think you would
Trade in all the pain and suffering?
Oh, but then you'd miss
The beauty of the light upon this earth
And the sweetness of the leaving.

Calling all angels, Calling all angels...

Jane Siberry/k.d. Lang - Calling All Angels, Pay It Forwar