Jupiter Comes Home

On Saturday, March 24, 2001, Matthew and I drove to Baltimore to look at two Great Danes rescued by Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League (MAGDRL.) We first met Bo, a 3-5 year old male Dane who was sweet and gentle.  We decided to take him. 

We were on our way out when we thought we should look at the second Dane, a shy puppy named Jupiter. It was love at first sight!  We couldn't leave him there....   He is absolutely stunning and as sweet as can be!  (click any thumbnail below for a larger photo.)

John and Dane friends Dane friends
This is John. He and his friend (also!) John had just adopted their second Great Dane, the merle Shelby shown with the fawn above. We signed the adoption papers for Jupiter here at the home of MAGDRL's Debby Rahl.  John and John also owned 'Titan', the biggest Great Dane I have ever seen. Titan, the fawn male, is shown standing here with his newly adopted sister Shelby. Note that John is over 6' tall, and Titus easily reaches his chest!
Dane friends Judy and Joya
We couldn't have been luckier that day. The merle's former owners gave a crate away with the dog, and John and John were going to give it to a shelter. We took it immediately. Since they didn't want payment for it, we made a donation to MAGDRL instead.  We took Jupiter to Judy's house first. A little later, we brought Joya over (shown here with Judy.) Jupiter immediately went from being so shy that he ran whenever we approached him, to romping and playing with Joya and bumping his head against his human friends. 
Joya and Jupiter Joya and Jupiter
At 8 months old, Jupiter is already taller than Joya. He gladly follows her through doorways and loves to gallop with her through our back and front yards. He was friendly with Matthew and with Judy's husband Rob. He walks easily on leash -- although he has the Great Dane lean! Jupiter's first day was long and tiring. Here he lays beside Joya in our sun room -- both are pooped. After their nap, we all went to PetSmart to get Jupiter a giant-sized dog bed for his crate, puppy kibble, and chew toys which Joya immediately took from him! He didn't seem to mind. 

Jupiters first day at home

His face is harlequin and his body is fawnequin.  He has one blue eye and one brown eye. Such a face! He's such a sweet baby boy, he instantly bonded with Lissa and frets when he's more than a few paces behind her.. 

So far, he has gone out to relieve himself whenever Joya has, and will pee when he's asked to. We are grateful that there is an organization like MAGDRL that saved Jupiter for Matthew, Lissa, and especially for Joya!