Judy Glaes, PetPals dog-sitter, and David Appel from FetchaPetTaxi judged the costumes.  All furbabies won  prizes, and a good time was had by all!









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Audreys_kid.jpg (651184 bytes) audrey_judy.jpg (690216 bytes)
Joya in a Poodle skirt won best dressed. Judy Steinfuhrer  with Harley Davidson Katie Audrey as a clown with Kelly and Judy with Katie
rambark.jpg (652100 bytes) judy_friend.jpg (626160 bytes) guinea_pig.jpg (572624 bytes)
Joya with Jupiter as 'RamBark' Judy Glaes with one of the look-alike pups. Sue Collins 's Guinea Pig Firefighter (one of two who got rapt attention from both dogs and cats!)
Joya_friend.jpg (642612 bytes) Duffy_friend.jpg (555304 bytes) kitty_elvis.jpg (506168 bytes)
Rachel's baby, Joya's sweetie as a college kid Clown Duffy and friend Kitty Elvis in white cape
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rachel.jpg (590680 bytes)
Diaper baby kitty Rachel and kids
tele_tubby.jpg (570848 bytes) two_friends.jpg (636796 bytes) group.jpg (645996 bytes)
TeleTubby Baby  David and twin friends Applause for the pet parade!
bookshop.jpg (700112 bytes) sarah_justin.jpg (965276 bytes) alan_mo.jpg (621132 bytes)
Lance, Audrey, and Judy Steinfuhrer  in the bookshop Sarah and Justin, with Maureen in rear Alan and Maureen (she's a redhead -- dig the wig!)

The Washington Post
Thursday, October 25, 2001; Page PG24

Putting on the Dog

Ghosts and ghouls need love, too. And what better companionship for spirits roaming the Earth on Halloween than man's best friend? You and your pet can celebrate the season this weekend, when the fourth annual Pet Halloween Costume Party returns to the Riverdale Bookshop and Coffee Depot. See if your pet can top past competitors such as a poodle witch, an angelic terrier and a pumpkin-patch Doberman, from 2 to 3 p.m. Sunday at 4701 Queensbury Rd., Riverdale Park. Admission is free. Call 301-277-8241.
Riverdale Gazette
Friday, Oct. 26, 2001

Halloween pet costume contest promises to be a real hoot

Riverdale Bookshop and Coffee Depot will hold its fourth annual pet costume contest from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Sunday. Bring pets of all shapes and sizes, colors and breeds. Come just to watch if you are pet-less. In the past, notable costumes have included angel dogs, clown dogs, princess cats and beach bum iguanas. Bookshop owner Simon Plog said all pets will receive treats. "They can't come and get nothing, right?" he quipped.

The bookshop can be found at 4701 Queensbury Road, Riverdale Park.

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